Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another confirmation at the Book Store!

12-29-11 Another confirmation at the Book store!

 A couple of weekends ago, Stephanie and I began to drive around looking for Book Stores that would put "Another Second Chance" on their shelves.

We had been informed that getting your "self published" book onto a book store shelf is not an easy task. Most stores wont even consider it unless you are an established author with a publisher and distributor behind you. Even when you are able to, the fees will drive your profit margin down to a minimal amount.

 So when we entered Holy Family Books & Gifts in Sandusky, OH to ask if they would be interested in putting my new book onto their shelf, I was a little intimidated. We had already been told previously, that this was a Catholic book store and would only accept Catholic books. And since "Another Second Chance" is a memoir or biography, I thought my chances were slim to none...

You could hear the loud bells jingling together as we opened the front door! The peoples heads turning to see who we are. Then that nervous feeling of "what the heck am I doing hear" running through my body.

 "Hi. May I speak to the manager please. Or owner." I said, to the lady standing in front of the counter; Not being sure if she was "that person".

 "He's right there" she said, pointing to a gentlemen who's head was all you could see sitting behind the counter. He was working on his computer.

 He stood up and said "Hi, how can I help you?"

 I stuck out my hand and introduced myself and Stephanie. I put my book onto the counter as I began to stumble and stammer through what was suppose to be my sales pitch. I told him we were from Fremont and what the book was about. As I talked, he just sifted through the book studying various pages. He made it to the pics of when I played Jesus and began to smile.

 "Wow, that looks very real!" he said.

 At this point his assistant began to look at the pics. Her reaction was the same as the owner. She began to ask Stephanie questions about the pictures and the story within the book.

 As their conversation took off and into a different path, I continued to chat with the owner.

 "My name is Phil, by the way." he said. He began to ask a few questions about the story. How I came to need a kidney? Who I received a kidney from? (That one took a while to answer) And how I wrote the book and published it.

 Phil continued to flip the pages, skimming through the chapters. Asking questions about various portions of the book.

 Finally he asked "So what is it that your wanting to do?"

 "Well, we were hoping to have the book for sale on you shelf in hear." I said. Then it felt like the room went silent for a moment. I looked over to Stephanie and back. Phil just continued to look down at the book, still skimming through it.

 Finally the silence was broken. "I don't normally put biographies and memoirs on our shelves. Our books are generally Catholic based. But I believe that this book can speak on many levels. Just from what I have seen so far, I would be willing to put it on my shelf."

 "What do you have in mind?" Phil said.

 I looked over at Stephanie as she began to say "Well we have a lot of cost in the book and can't give you a lot"

 Then Phil jumped in and said "I wasn't going to charge you. I was just going to let you put'em on the shelf! You keep it all."

I just started to laugh as I looked over at Stephanie. She was busy picking her jaw up off of the floor from her previous statement.

 "OK." I said as I continued to chuckle in disbelief and thankfulness. God had come through once again. But He wasn't finished yet...

What Phil said next, left me picking my jaw up off of his counter...

 " You see, I will more than likely be where you are in this book one day. I have polycistic kidney disease. This is a book that is close to my heart already and needs to be shared." Phil said.

I was discouraged to even go to this book store, But God lead the way. He knew even before this book was written, that Phil would be waiting to accept it into his store and into his life. Phil started this Holy book store on faith alone! He was a school teacher 7 years ago or so, and felt lead to start this store. Many told him that he was crazy and it would never succeed. Years later, Phil and the Holy book store are still there, in busy downtown Sandusky. Now, so is "Another Second Chance ...God's Story".

 Thanks to the faith of my new friend Phil...

The walk continues...