Sunday, January 8, 2012

Confirmation at the Book Store II ...God did it again!

1-8-2012 Confirmation at the Book Store II ...God did it again!

A week ago I wrote about an encounter with Phil Dinovo at the Holy Family Book Store. Well! God went and did it again!

Last week I cold called and spoke with a lady named Jane, from "The Bookshelf II". She's the owner of this new & used book store in Fostoria, OH. I called to ask if she would put "Another Second Chance" in her book store.

"Can you give me a little bit of information?" Jane asked.

"About me or the book?" I said laughing since I wasn't sure.

She laughed "Well, lets start with the book". I began to tell her about the book, myself, and why I wrote the book. How God had worked through the whole experience and that I would be doing an interview in a local publication.

"I would love to sell them here! Bring your books in and a flyer that sais "Another Second Chance Sold Here". I will post your flyers in the front window." She said. Jane informed me that "The Bookshelf II" would be open on Saturday and I could drop them off then.

When this Saturday (Jan. 7) rolled around, I found myself winding down Rt. 12 on a beautiful sunny morning. There was a parking spot rite in front of the store with my name all over it! I opened the passengers side door, grabbed my box of books, flyers for Jane, then walked into the store.

There were 2 ladies standing in the front of the store looking at me as I walked in with looks on their faces of "who are you and what do you want". I smiled and chuckled as I asked "Is Jane here?"

"No. She is in Pennsylvania and I am going to pick her up. That is why we are closing early today" The one lady answered nearest to the cash register. It became obvious to me at that point, she was in charge.

"Oh, I didn't know you were closing early today." I said, not being sure what to say from there.

"What did you need?" She asked. I began to explain who I was and that I had spoken with Jane earlier in the week.

She looked over at the other gal and said "Oh, he's that local author she spoke of." She looked back at me "Yeah she told me you might be coming." She told me to put the books on the counter. Then she went on about how busy her schedule was that day.

It appeared that she was the daughter of Jane (I never did catch her name). She told of her upcoming trip to Pennsylvania and all that she had to do to get ready.

She began to talk about her father and the fact that he was at dialysis. Her story went on about her father. He's around 75. She told of how the doctors had written him off, that he had only a certain amount of time to live. The doctors told the family that dialysis wouldn't help him much longer. Then they got a second opinion and took him to a different dialysis center. That was 3 years ago...

I just looked at her as I struggled to get my box of books open. I finally pulled the lid open as she continued. Her dad was at the Fremont Dialysis Center. The same place that I was at for my dialysis treatment. She went on about how great the staff was. She told of a lady that she deals with all the time that she just loves. She told of how her dad has a goal! He wants to see his granddaughter graduate from high school...

The granddaughter is in the 6th grade ...

She paused...

I just stood there looking at her in disbelief, knowing that God had done it again!

I turned to her, my face expressing my amazement, my voice was almost pleading "Do you have any idea what this book is about?..." I asked. She just stood there shaking her head no slowly with a strong look of compassion on her face. Waiting intensely for my reply.

"This is about a kidney transplant..." I said as we paused for just a moment. I could see the look on her face evolving to amazement. "This is a story about a God directed journey that led to a miraculous kidney transplant. My transplant! That saved not just my life, but my brother's too! We were saved by a stranger who stepped forward to give his kidney to someone he believed needed it. He was led by God! That's why it's called "God's Story".

"Oh, my." She said. "So I need to read this and I'm going to need a box of hankies?" she asked.

"I believe you will." I said.

She then reached across the counter, next to the cash register and grabbed a book off of an easel. Then said "Down goes Glenn Beck's book". Then grabbed my book, smiled at me and said "Up goes "Another Second Chance ...God's Story"

I was just beaming with excitement, shaking my head, as she went on about the new book.

As I got ready to leave, I looked back at her and said "You know that lady you told me about at the Fremont Dialysis Center that you just love?"


"That's my sister-in-law Debbie..

God used her in a mighty way during my journey. I wrote about it in the book."

I could tell by the look on her face that God had created another fan of his story. The one that is still being written through the lives of people just like YOU.

I walked out of the store into a beautiful January day, blessed.

Knowing that God had done it once again!

 The walk continues...