Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It just hit me... I really wrote a book.

It was Saturday morning on December 31st. New Years Eve! I was feeling a little lazy and trying to get enough ambition to drive around and deliver books to some of the book stores that were going to carry "Another Second Chance". The morning was creeping towards noon when the phone rang.

"Hi Troy, this is Cindy Auxter how are you?" she said with the sweetest voice.

I've known Cindi for a long time, but hadn't spoke with her for years. I was friends with her kids in the small town that we grew up in. (Lindsey, OH) My mind began to race, wondering why she was calling me. Cindi began to explain that her husband had just read an article in the LifeStyle monthly publication that is distributed along the north cost of Lake Erie.

"I didn't know that you had a kidney transplant! How are you doing now?" she asked.

"I'm doing great!" I said in a hurry. I was immediately more interested in where and how her husband got ahold of the January publication in December. I was suppose to have the books in the book stores before the publication came out. Here I was sitting in my lazy boy. For the next few minutes, we began to exchange questions and answers.

Then she asked "Troy, I was wondering if you had any extra books that I could sell here at my store "Thingamajigs?"

"Yes I do" I said with out hesitation. "How many would you like?"

"How about 24? I think I could sell quite a few. I have had 3 people come in this morning asking for them." She said.

"Really?!" I said in disbelief. Her store isn't even a book store and it's not listed in the article. Why would people come in asking for it? I wasn't going to continue questioning, what appeared to be a huge blessing, so I told her "I will be over in a little while".

I got off the phone, showered, and got dressed. Then started running through the house like a crazy man, getting ready! I was throwing books into boxes and boxes into my truck. I looked like someone evacuating for some kind of national emergency. When everything was loaded, I leaped into my truck and fled from my house!

I began to make my rounds to each store on my list. I arrived at Thingamajigs in a flash, carried a box of books in, and set them on the counter. Cindi was so excited for me as I pulled the books out of the box. I showed her the cover.

 "Wow! That must be quite a feeling to hold your own book?" she said as more compliment than question.

I had heard this question a number of times. Each time I heard this, I had a hard time replying to it. It isn't that I am not excited, because I am! It's just that I hadn't had "THAT MOMENT". The one that I have always heard about. You know, you open the box and it's like giving birth to your baby. You hold it for the first time. Your so proud, you want to cry. I hadn't had that...

 I worked so hard to produce this book. Then began a race of labor, campaigning through IndieGoGo to help pay for it. Then the books showed up and I was in a hurry to get them signed, delivered, and mailed to the Contributors of the campaign. Then began a search of book stores that would put them on their shelves. Now I am on a race to deliver them. While doing all this through the Christmas season.

There just hasn't been a moment to smell the roses...

Just as I was saying my goodbyes to Cindi, she said "Oh wait! I have that publication of LifeStyle! Let me give it to you!" So she ran back to get it and brought it back to me. "Here it is Troy. It's a great article!"

 "Thanks Cindi!" And off I went.

I threw the article in the passengers seat and began the half hour drive to J & R Gospel Gift Shop in Sandusky, OH where my next stop was. My mind was racing with all of the things I still needed to do. I glanced over at the stack of boxes, as I hit the last stop light exiting Fremont. I sat waiting patiently. It was as if God said "Son, take a breath."

So I did.

I pulled away and drove for a little while. Listening to nothing but the humming of the tires rolling along Rt. 6. I watched the harvested fields on my right and the marshes on the left . There was very little traffic, it felt like I was the only one on the road. I glanced over and the article caught my eye. I picked it up and began to gaze at it. I had written this 3 weeks ago, but that was the last time I had seen it. It looked different in an actual publication.

I just stared at the bold red heading "Local Author Troy Lewis Book Release and Signing" I started to read the article. One paragraph at a time. Then I made it to the part that said "Miracles still happen and there is always "Another Second Chance". Troy Lewis will be having a book signing at Davinci's Gallery & Coffee House (115 S. Front St., Fremont, OH) on Saturday, January 14th from 10:00am-2:00pm.

I glanced back to the books for a moment, then back to the bold red print at the top of the article.. I just stared at it. 

My eyes began to well up. It was happening. That feeling.

It came over me. Much like winning the championship game, when you didn't stand a chance.

A joy, like that of my daughters being born. A pride, like that of my Father in Heaven telling me "Son, I'm proud of you."

My emotions got the best of me as I cried out "I did it. I really did it. Thank you Lord Jesus." 
God had chose that moment to allow me to realize this feeling of victory. When it was just Him and I. On the last day of 2011.

Thats when it hit me... I really wrote a book.

Praise God that I didn't quit!
The walk continues...