Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tell me it's not "God's Story"!

Friday (11-11-11), Stephanie and I went to the annual Food Show at the IX center in Cleveland (like we do every year) sponsored by The Food Network. Friday night we went out for our annual fancy night out to Lolas (Michael Simon's restaurant, in Cleveland- He is the Iron Chef from the Food Network)

While we were waiting to be seated, Steph went to the restroom (downstairs). In the basement was a banquet room where a gathering was taking place.

It was some of the Food Network stars!

My lovely wife spotted one of the stars from a distance and through the crowd. Scrunching down ever so cutely, as to peak through a crack in the wall, she tilted her head, smiled and waved. The star was Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible, Kitchen Impossible) the big marine looking fella with the British accent!!

He smiled through the crack in the crowd and started to wave (confused). Laughing, he called her in and the show began. She began to beam with excitement, acting like a school girl at a rock show!! lol She explained that we were huge fans and that we would watch his show all the time before my kidney transplant! So she asked if she could go get me and bring me down to meet him.
"Sure! Go get him!" So she did.

As soon as I walked in the room, Robert greeted me (along with others) with a strong hand shake, big smile and a bold British voice.
"So you had a kidney transplant?" he asked. I began to explain briefly about the journey.
"That sounds like quite a story?!"

"It is, I'm actually writing a book about it!" I said.

"Where's it at?! I want one!" he said. I explained that it wasn't finished yet, I was self publishing it, and that I was still working on financing.

"Where would I go to donate to your project and twitter all of my fans?" After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I began ripping through my pockets searching for a card. Finally after finding it, I gave him a card with the info to the indieGoGo site. Suddenly his agent walked up, took our pictures, then asked for our email address and has promised to send us the pics.

My mind was running wild! I couldn't believe what was happening! Everything was happening so fast! I couldn't keep up with it all!
Then Robert Irvine grabbed my shoulder, looked me square in the eye and said "Troy" then paused "I have polycystic kidney disease" I stood in awe...

I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. These things have happened through out this journey! It is God's Story not mine, I just wrote the things I lived, the things he created! Because I believe that was his will. NOT MINE. I never would have thought about writing a book (not ever). This has been a Leap of Faith that some have not understood (including myself at times)

Why would God create a story that has little funding, no official publisher, no advertising, no literary agent, then have a construction worker by trade who was a slacker in school write it??!
Answer: Because he is God!!
I have heard that this type of book wont sell, there's too much God.
My conclusion: I pray that God is everywhere in this story! Because it is His story !! I will continue to walk by faith as He guides the way!

The walk continues...
Go to the site and search "Another Second Chance"
Go to the "Contribute Now" button and click it! Then choose your selection! You will have your book before the January Release!!!